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090 130 6986
Brief Intro

We believe in the power of story telling which is the most effective way to bring your brand to the heart of your audience. It’s no longer just an ad. It’s the whole concept behind it, which makes us emphasize the work deeply in content services, including press content, photo/video content, copywriting, public and event content. With cohesive media approach, we help you communicate to your customers through effective press, public realation and advertisement; finally, at the right time to win.

In any marketing campaign, we strive to make a lasting, relevant connections between your brand and your customers – appealing to their heart and mind. We are here to listen to your challenges and aspirations, and look at your brand though the lens of overall advertising channels to lead the key message to the target audience. Our expert team of art director, content creators, digital marketers and artists then put their creative minds together to craft the master piece of story behind your brand heritage and values. By truly understanding our clients’ DNA, we then create digital plan and content strategy that provides insightful solutions with meaningful KPIs to drive our clients’s business forward.

Finally, we know great thing is done only by passion and hard work. You have put an exceptional love in building your products and brands, so here we are to bring them out to the world for you, wholeheartedly.

Võ Thị Hải Trang (Zean Võ)
Head of Production

Đoàn Kiều My (Kimiko)
Head of Business Development

Đinh Thị Minh Thư
Head of Media

Nguyễn Trường
Head of Content
Main Discipline:
Media Planning & Booking
Network / Group:
Independent Media