DatVietVAC Media

200 Pasteur, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.
+84 8 3822 3702
Brief Intro

Established in 1994, DatvietVACMedia is the trusted partner of more than 50 multinational and local advertisers and media agencies operating in Vietnam. At present professionally focuses on providing its clients with Customer insight, Syndicated and Proprietary Research, Media strategic planning and buying for all media and digital campaigns. For 15 years consecutively, DatVietVACMedia has always ranked first in national media market share. As a result, DatvietVAC Media has been able to translate its huge media buying volumes into privileges for all clients.

Dao Van Kinh
Vice Chairman/Executive Director

Andre Narain Nair
Chief Operating Officer
Main Discipline:
Media Planning & Booking
Network / Group: